The Golden Flower

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Book Review: The Golden Flower

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Review: The Golden Flower

Multiple reviews of the book The Golden Flower.


Home - Nina Jaffe

A biography of the author Nina Jaffe from her webpage.


Enrique O. Sánchez: Have Brush, Will Paint

A biography of the illustrator Enrique O. Sánchez.



Taíno Culture

An article about Taíno culture, including information about Taíno foods and games.


Taínos of Puerto Rico, a cultural site

An article about the Taíno social structure, language, and more.


A Selection of Taíno and Arawak Myths

A collection of myths of the Taíno and Arawak people.


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Puerto Rican Folktales

A collection of Puerto Rican folktales, including those of the Taíno.



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What Became of the Taíno?
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Information about Taíno symbols and petroglyphs.  


Taíno Museum - First Taíno Museum in Haiti

The Kathy Dicquemare and the International Council of Museums work together to create the first Taíno museum in Haiti

Teaching Activities - The Golden Flower

Links to resources about the author, illustrator, interviews, and more.


The Taínos of Puerto Rico: Rediscovering Borinquen

A unit from the Yale National Initiative to teach about Borinquen to a Spanish speaking class.


Taíno People Lesson Plan

A lesson plan for a grade 5-6 classroom.