Mali Under the Night Sky: A Lao Story of Home

About the Book

Mali Under the Night Sky - A Lao Story of Home

A summary and multiple reviews of the book, Mali Under the Night Sky.


Mali Under the Night Sky - A Multicultural World of Books

A more extensive summary and review of the book.


Youme Landowne

The author/illustrator’s biography from her webpage.


Malichanshouk Kouanchao - Wikipedia

The real life protagonist of the book’s Wikipedia biography.


Malichansouk (Mali) Kouanchao

The real life protagonist’s biography from her website.




Laotian art - New World Encyclopedia

An encyclopedia entry about Laotian art.


From Luang Prabang to Vientiane | Laos’ Best Art Galleries

Information about the various art galleries in Laos.

Articles For Reference

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An article about how to teach Lao cultural traditions.


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An article about Lao architecture, lifestyle, and wedding/marriage.


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Extensive information about Laos’ history and ethnic relations, food and economy, and more.


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Information about Lao traditions, as well as a video showing scenes throughout Lao buddhist temples.


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An article explaining baci, the Lao string tying custom.




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A list of the top 10 Laos food, with pictures and descriptions.


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Facts and information about the country Laos.


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Facts and information about Laos’ geography, government, and more from Nat Geo Kids.


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Photo albums of various sceneries around Laos.


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A timeline of Lao history from 1893 to present day.


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An article about the history of Laos.  


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An encyclopedia entry about the Laotian Civil War.




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Information about the Lao language.


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A 6 minute video of basic Lao words and phrases.




CleanBirth - Saving Mothers and Babies in Laos.

Women in Laos give birth alone in forests. CleanBirth aims to provide Clean Birth kits and train nurses to promote safer birth in their own villages.


Creative Literacy Laos

Creative Literacy Laos promotes literacy, learning, and creativity in rural Laos.

Teaching Activities

Teacher’s Guide: Mali Under the Night Sky

A teaching guide aligned with common core standards for Mali Under the Night Sky.