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Culture - Islamic republic of Mauritania – food, music (several videos), language, clothing, architecture


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Learn about Mauritania, A Peace Corps volunteer’s blog, 2009


Traditional dress of Mauritania: Fusion of Berber and African cultures, with variety of photos


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Mauritania: Men of the Sea (full documentary about coastal fishing in Mauritania)



Mauritania Quick Facts and Map -- National Geographic


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How to Stay Alive in the Sahara Desert, Smithsonian Channel


This is How Sahara Desert Was Made (Full Length Documentary)


Mauritania: Slavery's last stronghold


Middle Eastern and North African music traditions


Music of Mauritania (audio clips)


Music of Mauritania – By Scot Sier (with video clips)


Mauritania: A Rich Culture of Games, Dance and Music


African Music Mauritania


Mauritania musicians merge traditional music with contemporary sounds, from CCTV Africa, focus on music played by women


Mauritania traditional music and dance

Teaching Activities

Deep In The Sahara Lesson Guide


Teaching and Incorporating Africa in the Classroom – List of resources for teaching about Africa        


In the Classroom: Teaching About Slavery


Classroom Resources | National Museum of African Art – Smithsonian – Not Mauritania specific but offers rich resources on art from several African countries and peoples


Lesson Plans | The Metropolitan Museum of Art