Circles of Hope

About the Book

Children’s Book Review

A review of Circles of Hope from Publishers Weekly.


Williams Writes | Karen Lynn Williams

Author Karen Lynn Williams explains the story behind Circles of Hope. This website, created by the author, also includes links to her biography, books, teacher’s guides, and more.



TYPES OF ART -- Haiti Friends

An article of various types of Haitian art, made from various mediums.


History of Haitian Art.

A brief history of art in Haiti.


Haitian Culture and Tradition

Information about Haitian culture and tradition.


Haiti - Culture, Customs & Etiquette - Culture Crossing

Information about various customs and etiquette


Haiti: Culture and History - CaribbeanChoice

An article about Haitian culture and history.




Haitian Food: An Overview of Haitian Cuisine

An article with an overview of Haitian food.


Food in Haiti - Haitian Food, Haitian Cuisine

The history of Haitian cuisine, as well as Haitian food recipes.


Haiti Country Profile - National Geographic Kids

Facts about the geography, culture, government, and history of Haiti.


Geography for Kids: Haiti

A brief overview of Haiti’s history, as well as facts about the geography, people, and economy.


Haiti facts, information, pictures | articles about Haiti

A more in-depth look at Haiti’s features.




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A brief overview of the history of Haiti.


Haiti profile - Timeline - BBC News

A chronology of key events in Haiti.


Teaching about Haiti - Teaching for Change

A website containing many resources for teaching Haitian history.


Haitian Creole language, alphabet and pronunciation.

Creole alphabet and pronunciation, as well as sample text and links to other resources.


Haitian Creole Phrases

Common phrases in Haitian Creole. Includes text and a video.


Dance in Haiti - The CRUDEM Foundation, Inc.

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ARTSEDGE: Music of Haiti

An overview of Haitian music, its history, and its influences, as well as videos of musical performances.



The Haiti Tree Project

The Haiti Tree Project is a non-profit organization whose goal is to establish an environmentally sustainable, tree-based agricultural economy in rural Haiti.

Teaching Activities


A Teacher’s Guide for Circles of Hope

A guide from author Karen Lynn Williams for creating talking points and ideas for the classroom.  


Circles of Hope Classroom Activities

Interdisciplinary ideas and classroom activities for Circles of Hope.