Amal's Eid

About the Book

Amal's Eid- Book Review - Words N Needles


Book Review: Sharing Eid Traditions Through Children’s Books


Video: Eid-ul-Fitr : a celebration of Muslim faith in India (In English)


Culture Crossing Guide


Clothing: A Brief History of the Veil in Islam


Clothing: Introduction


Clothing from an Islamic Perspective                              


Islamic Clothing Glossary


Islam Symbols


Bangladeshi Documentary Film 36-24-36 - ENG subtitles. This film is about the image of Bangladeshi women in contemporary media, fashion, and entertainment. Interesting conversation among Bangladeshis representing diverse perspectives within Bangladesh society.


History of Ramadan


Ramadan 2016: Start date, end date and tips for fasting


Eid Elfitr Islamic Kids Cartoon - In English – 2015


Eid-ul-Fitr: Kids Programme (What children do on Eid, produced by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community)


Eid Ul-Fitr is The Muslim Festival Following Ramadan.


Eid Story for Kids  (Produced by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community)


A Short Video Clip for Children Introducing Eid: Sarah's Eid (Only Music With English Subtitles; produced by Islamic Society of Britain)


A Song about Indian Festivals: Eid Is Here (includes other holidays and festivals celebrated in various religions)


Should Schools In US Recognize Muslim Holidays?(6:50)


The Food Of Ramadan: When And What To Eat: The Ramadan Table


Traditions: Eid al-Fitr recipes


Rice & Carrot Pudding


All the basic facts about Bangladesh


Bangladesh | Facts and History


Travel sites in Bangladesh


Welcome to Exotic Bangladesh - Documentary on Beautiful Bangladesh


Bangladesh Life - Village I BBC

Teaching Activities

Ramadan for Kids: Ramadan Activities and Teaching Resources


Celebrating Cultural Diversity with Ramadan From Scholastic


A Ramadan Fact Sheet for Teachers

30 Children’s Activities for Ramadan from Good Tree Montessori School (Set of simple activities for Ramadam, with plans and sources)


Teaching Ramadan – News and Resources