Africa Is Not a Country

About the Book

Map the Book: “Africa Is Not a Country

A short summary and lesson plan of the book, Africa is Not a Country.


Summary/Reviews: African Is Not a Country

A short summary, as well as two reviews, about the book.


Discover Your World

Joint author Margy Burns Knight’s blog.


Margy Burns Knight | The Huffington Post

A short biography of joint author Margy Burns Knight.


A Maine Writer: Maine State Library

Joint author Mark Melnicove’s biography.  


Anne Sibley O’Brien

Illustrator Anne Sibley O’Brien’s biography from her website.



African Art: History, Characteristics

An article about African art history and characteristics.


African Tribal Art

A selection of African art, masks and sculpture, furniture, weapons and adornment from different countries.


African Culture - Rich and Diverse Culture Across the Continent

An article about African art, food, music, and more.


17 African Cultural Values (To Know Before Traveling to Africa)

Various African cultural values that are different from cultural values in the US.  


Africa travel guide - Wikitravel

Information about Africa’s geography and history, and how to travel within Africa.


Map of Africa - Countries of Africa - Nations Online Project

A clickable map of Africa, showing the countries, capitals, and main cities.


Africa: Physical Geography - National Geographic Society

An article about various regions across Africa, as well as their accompanying photos.


Geography for Kids: African countries and the continent of Africa

Information about Africa’s geography and fun facts about the continent.



History of Africa - Lonely Planet Travel Information

An article about African history, as well as links to more information about Africa.


100 Things You Did Not Know About Africa

A list of 100 facts about African history.


History of Africa

A brief article on the history of Africa.


Africa | Ethnologue

Information about the many African languages.


Exploring Africa

A map of the most common languages spoken in each country of Africa.


African Language Facts

Information about the various languages spoken in Africa.


Traditional Congolese Dance - Ballet Arumbaya Ndendeli, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

A 6 minute video of a traditional Congolese Dance.


Zulu Dancing, filmed by Tekweni TV Productions, Durban, South Africa

A 12 minute video of Zulu dancing.


Sanyu Children's Choir rehearsal, Katooke village, Mubende District, Uganda

A 7 minute video of Sanyu children’s choir rehearsal.


Tanzania Haya Traditional dance and song by singer Saida Karoli from Bukoba, Tanzania. An African music video

A 10 minute video of a Tanzania Haya Traditional dance. 



Africa - Mama Lisa’s World

Various songs and rhymes of different African countries.


African Cultural Center USA

African Cultural Center USA was established in 1991 as a nonprofit organization for the purpose of educating a previously under-served population about Africa. African Cultural Center USA strives to advance international and intercultural understanding through all aspects.

Teaching Activities

Classroom Resources

Classroom resources from the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.

Curriculum Guide: “How Big is Africa?”

A curriculum guide for use with the “How Big is Africa?” poster.


Africa Lessons Index

Many resources and lesson plans for teaching about Africa in the early elementary grades.


Africa |

Teaching resources to teach about Africa in the classroom.


Map the Book: “Africa Is Not a Country

A teaching activity to use with the book Africa Is Not a Country.